Soak Therapy

Enjoy a selection of soaks to warm, relax and refresh you as you unwind from exploring the mountain trails. In a tranquil environment experience a ready drawn hot bath surrounded with lit candles and soothing music. With active filled soaks designed to nourish and absorb into the skin


Mineral Wellness Bath 
30 min - $75

Experience transformative wellness in this purifying, remineralizing, muscle?relieving bath. Hand?harvested, concentrated mineral crystals contain a rare balance of 60 essential minerals and trace elements to promote overall health benefits, helping to relax muscles and joints and re?establish the essential mineral balance of the body. Leaves the mind clear and the body feeling cleansed and balanced.


Herbal Bath    
30 min - $75

A traditional German natural remedy, “Kräuter Bad” translated means “herbal bath”. These baths are a potent aromatic oil solution made from rich botanicals, which are still used in Germany for medicinal purposes. Infused soak with Eucalyptus to eases stiff muscles and aching joints, as it soothes the respiratory system. 


30 min - $75 

Algae are extremely rich and balanced in their nutritional composition. For centuries, our ancestors have known the therapeutic and remedial qualities of these nonvascular plants, which draw their vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts and protein directly from the sea. Algae contain every element essential for cellular life and are, nutritionally, remarkably like our own interstitial fluid. This closeness allows for maximum skin penetration for therapeutic results. It helps to stimulate circulation and the flow of oxygen from beneath the skin’s surface, activating the exchange of substances, eliminating toxins and increasing the flow of nutrients to rebalance Andre mineralize the skin. The Seaweed Bath is based on the combination of Seawater, Fucus and Laminaria algae.


Sauna Session
20 min - $30 per couple

Book a saunas session enclosed in our Day spa room, a great way to completely mediate or spend with a companion.